What You Get:

  1. A detailed website audit report – view example here.
  2. A free 30 min toll-free phone consultation to discuss your report and recommendations.
  3. Two (2) additional reports (same domain only) to view your new site audit scores after deploying recommendations.

Knowledge is power! What is your site audit score? What immediate improvements can be made to your site to increase SEO?

We run a full deep analysis of your website and provide a detailed report on five (5) key factors with recommendations:  SEO, Usability, Performance, Social and Security.  Our easy-to-read  report includes everything you’ll need to know at a glance about your website’s overall health and steps to fix it.

Each metric given a Pass/Fail grade with advice on how to improve. Simple mistakes in SEO strategy, web design or architecture can lead to disastrous results from Google, but you have to be aware of them first.

Understanding your current website health is the only way to improve it!

I have my report now what?

99% of all reports require some action, some immediate and very simple, others not so urgent but more complicated.

The next step is up to you:

  1. If you are a web designer, you can use the recommendations on the report to fix your own site.  You can call us for a free 30 min consult.
  2. If you purchased your website from a 3rd party, you can send them the report and ask them to implement the recommendations – afterall, you paid them good money and they may not even be aware of the issues. Your webmaster can call us for a free 30 min consult.
  3. And finally, if you have no one to assist you with updating your site, you can contact us to discuss options and obtain a quote.  In many cases the overall cost is very minimal and we include another report after the changes are made to prove our work increased your website health and seo score.

Note:  A small percentage (<2% ) of websites do not allow our scripts to crawl a website.  In this case, we would offer you advice on how to correct this issue to allow our scripts to run, or, offer you a full refund.