Achieve instant results with Google AdWords

This is a simple, but must have package for any online business that wants to get noticed fast. Increase visits to your website instantly and build leads and sales in the process. Includes all the essentials:

  • Registration.
  • Configuration (geographics, budget and type)
  • Includes up to two unique campaigns and up to 6 unique ads.
  • Keyword testing/upload
  • Negative keyword testing/upload
  • WordPress Yoast SEO optimization plugin configuration
  • Monthly management (review, updates, reporting)
  • Google specialist primary contact

Management Options

  1. Self-Managed:  We will build and configure your Google AdWords campaign for you.  You can manage the account yourself using Google’s dashboard and with support from Google directly.  There is no monthly fee for this service.   If required, additional campaigns with up to 6 ads each can be created for a one time fee of $229.
  2. Managed:  We will build and configure your Google AdWords campaign for you and provide monthly maintenance for you.  There is a monthly fee of $49 for this service which includes:
    • Weekly reviews
    • Reports on demand
    • Quarterly review, campaign optimization and updates
    • Google support direct contact
    • Additional campaigns with up to 6 ads each (max 4/year)

Let us help you increase your site rank on Google!

Note:  Our fees do not include a budget for your Google AdWords campaign. This is a personal choice depending on your goals and finances. Unlike most of our competitors, you pay Google directly, we do not take a commission based on your spend.