Boost your Blog to your Social Profiles

Blogging on your website is an excellent way to communicate with your customers and increase SEO.  But what if you have other social profiles that need to be updated as well?  With this time-saving service, your blog posts are instantly and  automatically shared and posted to your external social profiles including:

  1. Facebook
  2. Pinterest
  3. Twitter
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Google +

Posts include images, content and links back to your site.  A perfect solution for those wanting to increase back-links to their website with as little effort as possible.


You must have existing accounts on the social profiles you wish to boost.  If you don’t have accounts already, we highly recommend that you do.  Best of all, creating accounts on any of the five (5) social networks show above is totally free. Each of these social networks have high reputation scores. Google and other search engines are increasingly placing emphasis on high quality back-links and social profiles as a means to determine your overall page and site rank.

How Does it Work?

We install scripts on your website that will automatically share your published posts to your preferred social profiles alleviating the need for you to update each social profile independently.  Please note, this service can only publish posts and does not delete posts.  If you remove a post on your blog, it will remain on your social profile(s) until removed manually.