#7A In-depth SEO Review & Report



Our report includes comparisons to up to two (2) of your online competitors. Please provide the website address of each competitor below.

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Knowledge is power! What is your site rank? What immediate improvements can be made to your site to increase SEO? How do you compare to your competitors?

We run a full deep analysis of your website and provide a detailed (30+ pages) report on your current SEO health – view example. Our easy-to-read and understand report includes key important metrics:

  • SEO Rank
  • Keyword Analysis & Tools
  • Mobile Health
  • Backlinks and Quality of Links
  • Visitor Profiles.
  • Social Integration
  • Usability
  • Technologies

Each metric given a Pass/Fail grade with advice on how to improve. Simple mistakes in SEO strategy, web design or architecture can lead to disastrous results from Google, but you have to be aware of them first. Includes comparisons to your top two (2) online competitors.

Understanding your current SEO health is the only way to improve it!