Before You Proceed

It is important to understand that for live chat to work effectively, you must be available to respond to chat requests as they arrive to your smart phone or PC. Visitors are expecting an instant dialogue. If you are not available, ie, travelling, with a client or too busy, you must remember to turn off live chat from your device. Doing so, disables the widget on your website automatically. Turning it on, enables this feature.

Tip:  You can schedule live chat to automatically turn on and off based on your working hours (details below)

Add Live Chat To Your Website

  • Sign up for a free Tidio account here – no credit card is required.

  • Send us your integration code. To obtain this code, click on Channels on the left navigation toolbar and then copy the code shown under Integration and send it to us at [email protected] along with your domain name.

  • We will notify you when have added the integration to your website.  In the meantime, you can then download the app on your preferred device and apply customizations as outlined below.

Download the Tidio Application

  • You can install the Tidio chat software on your Windows PC, mobile device or both.

    Phone (Android or IOS)
    Search for Tidio in the app store and download. Login using the email and password you created  above when you set up your account.

    Click here to install the app on your PC.  Login using the email and password you created  above when you set up your account.

  • Turn Chat On/Off.
    Once you have logged onto your Tidio Chat account either on your phone or PC, click on the user icon located at the top right. A panel will open up where you can set your status to ONLINE or OFFLINE – choose ONLINE. The chat widget will appear on your website.  To hide the chat widget on your website, choose OFFLINE.  Visit your website to view how changing between ONLINE and OFFLINE works.

    Remember:  You must keep the Tidio Chat application open on your phone or PC at all times to receive notifications. If you are unavailable during regular hours, it is important that you set your status to OFFLINE.  This will disable the chat feature on your website until you change your status to ONLINE again. Simply closing the application will not work, you must change your status.

Customize Look and Schedule

  • Change Your Name and Profile Picture.

    You may want to show a picture of your face in the chat widget, rather than the default icon provided by Tidio.  To do this,  click your account icon located at the very top right of the Tidio Dashboard window.  A window will pop-up with your account details.  Click on the default icon shown in the circle and upload your own picture and name.

  • Custom the Appearance of the Website Widget.

    You can easily change the look of the chat pop-up on your website by configuring the appearance settings.  When logged in to your Tidio account, click on Channels located on the left navigation bar and then Appearance.

    You can changed the default colours, welcome text message, greetings and overall design of the widget to suit your personal tastes.

  • Configure Auto Online/Offline Based on Your Business Hours.
    You can configure Tidio chat to automatically go online/offline based on your business hours. To do so, login to your Tidio chat dashboard here and click on Settings located in the left navigation bar (the gear), and then Notifications.

    Complete the Do Not Disturb section. Here is an example of a schedule which automatically turns off chat in the evenings after 8PM and turns it back on automatically at 8AM.

Key Tips

  • To receive chat notifications, the Tidio Chat application must be open on your phone or PC and your chat status must be set to online.

  • Chat will auto disable based on your do not disturb hours.

  • If you are away during regular hours, remember to set your chat status to offline.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’d be happy to assist.